All Kids Play Program in Lombard IL

A Local Charity Offers Free Health Screenings to Qualified Students

Dupage County, June 12, 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

A charitable program called All Kids Play is excited to offer free physicals to hopeful athletes from underprivileged backgrounds.Sports Physicals for Children

After qualifying over 50 high school students in a pilot on May 20th, the eager participants are prepared to continue right on through the summer, helping kids realize their potential in the 2011 school year. Physicals are now required for participation in after-school sports, and focus mostly on the ability of the heart to withstand the rigors of vigorous exertion. The goal is to ensure that every student has equal opportunity to experience the thrill of competition, and take full advantage of the sports programs that their school has to offer. Hundreds of young people will benefit from the next two events during the month of June, with six more locations available in the following months.

Marquardt Middle School, Thursday, June 2, 8am-12pm
Glencrest Middle School, Friday, June 3, 8am-12pm
Blackhawk Middle School, Wednesday and Thursday, August 3-4, 2pm -6pm both days
Willowbrook High School, Tuesday, August 16, time TBA
Glen Westlake Middle School, Wednesday, August 17, time TBA
Glenbard West Freshman who are non-compliance, time TBA
Oneill Middle School, Friday, September 2, Time TBA
Herrick Middle School, Friday, September 2, Time TBA

All Kids Play is a part of the All Kids Program for the residents of Illinois. They offer primary or supplemental health care insurance for those not fortunate enough to have full health care coverage for their children. The cost is income based, and is free to those in truly dire need. Kids Play has attracted the attention ABC News, and will continue to seek opportunities to positively impact their community.

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