Analysis of Lombard Urgent Care Facilities

If you or someone you know has an injury or an illness requiring immediate care but is not serious enough to warrant an emergency room visit, consider Lombard Urgent Care, if nearby. Urgent care facilities provide medical care, only outside of a hospital emergency department and on a walk-in, unscheduled basis. Recently, this health care industry sector has exploded to over 10,000 urgent care facilities, thanks in majority to emergency room doctors who have sought to meet the public need for easy access to walk-in medical treatment. Urgent care facilities, like Lombard Urgent Care, perform a very similar function to hospital emergency rooms; however, they come with significant savings, fueling their growth. Even Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) have taken notice and now encourage customer to choose the urgent care facility option over a traditional emergency room.

Lombard Urgent Care is just such a facility, and it is conveniently located in the Chicago metropolitan area, to provide easy access to many neighboring suburbs residents. Usually, an urgent care facility is worth a visit if you or someone you know has suffered an injury or illness of some sort that requires immediate professional medical attention, but that is not considered life threatening. If an injury or illness is life threatening, then a hospital emergency room is advisable since the emergency department has the resources to care for patients suffering true emergencies, which require swift action to have even the hope of saving a patient’s life.

However, do not be deceived, for urgent care centers do treat more serious issues than the services offered by walk-in medical clinics or primary care offices. Thus, urgent care centers would seem to fall somewhere between walk-in medical clinics/physician visits and hospital emergency departments. Simply use common sense when deciding on which facility to visit; but, if you are truly unsure and the injury or illness seems very serious or life-threatening, go on the safe side and visit a hospital emergency room.

Urgent care facilities are truly emerging as a vital sector of the healthcare industry, based on the fact that supporting industries are developing with services and products aimed at supporting business practices and patient care of the urgent care centers. Examples are point-of-care medical dispensing, allowing physicians to give patients their prescriptions immediately at the urgent care facility, as well as group purchasing organizations that now focus on urgent care, granting urgent care centers price bargaining power that was once limited to hospitals.

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