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Emergency rooms are busy places, especially during weekend hours. Emergency room doctors are also more inclined to order a battery of tests in order to use the process of elimination to find out what is wrong with you then take the time to listen to a detailed account of all of your symptoms. If you take a trip to the emergency room with generalized symptoms, you may spend the next several hours there going through a number of tests.

Now if you decide to visit a Lombard Urgent Care center instead, the doctors there will have more time to listen to all of your symptoms and to help find the right tests to correctly identify what is wrong with you. Depending upon your symptoms, they will order tests that will provide them will a more detailed diagnosis for you.

For instance a sore throat and a fever are common symptoms. You may have a cold or flu virus or you may have something more serious such as strep throat that requires antibiotics. Your doctor will determine whether or not you need a strep test or any other types of tests in order to properly diagnose you. If you went to the emergency room instead you may end up getting blood work and a bevy of other types of tests because of your symptoms. The doctors at a Lombard Urgent Care facility will take the time to talk to you to narrow down your illness before they start running unnecessary tests.

Emergency room visits always take a longer amount of time than a visit to a Lombard Urgent Care facility for the same ailment would take. Although there are symptoms that require a trip to an emergency room, such as any warning signs of stroke or heart attack, for some of the more moderate symptoms a trip to an immediate care facility will be a much smarter options. These doctors have the time necessary to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and to send you off on your way as quickly as possible.

Some ailments come with general symptoms. An ER doctor is not going to have the time to listen to a detailed account of every single thing that you ate for the past week to determine if your upset stomach is a result of food poisoning or something more serious. Unless you don’t mind undergoing hour after hour of tests in the ER, then you will be much better off going to an urgent care facility close to your home.

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