Four Reasons to Get Lombard Immediate Care

Immediate care facilities can provide you with quality medical care that is fast and convenient. There are some symptoms and instances in which you need to seek out urgent care from a Lombard Immediate Care Facility. Below is a list of symptoms that require medical attention.

#1 You have a fever over 100 degrees for more than two days. A fever can be a sign of many different things. From something as small as a cold to something as major as a serious infection, a fever can be a signal that something is seriously wrong with you. If you have a fever for more than forty-eight hours or if your fever is accompanied by other symptoms that are causing your discomfort, it is time that you consult with a doctor. A quick visit to a Lombard Immediate Care center will get to the bottom of your fever and help

#2 You are in pain. Whether you have a bad headache, stomach ache, or ear ache, when you are in pain and it is preventing you from doing everyday things then it is time to see a doctor. If you are unable to sleep at night because of an ear ache, you probably have an ear infection that will require a round of antibiotics in order to clear it up. If you have back pain or pressure, you could have a urinary tract infection or a back injury. It is always best to seek treatment from a Lombard Immediate Care facility when you are in pain and it is disputing your life.

#3 You cut yourself and the bleeding won’t stop. If you have a deep cut, you need stitches. Even if it doesn’t seem like that deep of a cut but you keep putting Band-Aids on and soaking through them you need medical attention. The location of the cut could be making it bleed worse. The only solution to this is some stitches.

#4 You fell on your arm or leg and it is swollen and you are in pain. This is a sign of a fracture. Obviously if you fracture your arm or leg and the bone sticks out you know it is broken. However, most fractures aren’t as obvious. In fact, a lot of people put off seeking medical treatment for a fracture because they are in doubt about it being broken. You will just prolong your pain by waiting. If you arm or leg swells up and hurts after a fall, get in and get an x-ray.

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