Occupational Health Clinic Lombard

As the leading occupational medicine provider in Lombard, we know Injuries can happen in the workplace due to employee error or improper knowledge of routine safety. Employees that work consistently using repetitive motions or movements can become injured when performing incorrectly. These motion disorders and injuries can be costly to employers and may lead to a potential lawsuit for lack of workplace safety.

An employee that works well under pressure and is not impaired by harmful substances or attitude adjusting medications can be an asset to any company. Using the services of an occupation health clinic such as Lombard Immediate Care will help with Occupational training and work place education of applicants and administration to advocate correct options and procedures that will excel in prevention and treatment for injured employees and to prevent long term accidents.

Lombard Immediate Care Occupation health services can assist businesses from the betterment of employee health and wellness by producing consistent Drug screening, Alcohol Screening, Vision Testing and educational applications for your workforce.

The Lombard Occupational clinic provides post-offer medical exams including:

  • DOT and Non-DOT
  • Executive Physicals
  • Life Insurance Physicals

Lombard Occupational health clinic offers treatment and case management of occupational illnesses and injuries and second opinions are also made available if requested. Lombard Immediate Care providers are board certified in medicine and are aware of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation rules and regulations.

Occupational Health Services offered include:

  • Drug Screens
  • Alcohol Screens(EBT)
  • Post accident Testing with Convenient After Hours Service
  • Audiometric Screenings
  • PFT(Pulmonary Function Testing)
  • X-Ray, Diagnostic Lab and Blood work services On-Premises
  • Special Specimen Collections, from routine clinical laboratory analysis to sophisticated biological monitoring
  • Travel Immunizations

To learn more or to schedule an appointment for your Occupational  health care needs, call 1-630-953-4507 or simply just walk in today.