Visit a Lombard Walk-in Medical Clinic

Have you ever wanted to get immediate medical help without having to call in and make an appointment? You know that the emergency room is for people to walk-in that have serious medical emergencies, but what about the times when you know that you need medical attention but it doesn’t warrant an emergency room visit? A Lombard Walk-in Medical Clinic will be the perfect solution for you; you can walk right in and get medical treatment for your pressing medical issue.

Tammy was stung by a bee. Since she had never been stung before, she did not know whether or not she was allergic. The site began to swell up, she put ice on it but it still seemed inflamed and swollen. Since she felt fine otherwise Tammy did not want to go to the emergency and spend three hours waiting to see a doctor but she also didn’t want her reaction to get any worse, she decided to visit a Lombard Walk-in Medical Clinic just to be on the safe side.

Within five minutes of entering the clinic Tammy was already back in an examining room waiting for the doctor. After his examination he prescribed some anti-inflammatory medication and antibiotics. Tammy was back at home enjoying the beautiful day within an hours time with the peace of mind that she needed to not worry about her bee sting.

Ron was out on a bike ride when he suddenly hit a patch of something slick and he flew off of his bike. He had some road rash and the shoulder that he had landed on hurt badly. After a long walk home Ron became concerned that he may have broken his shoulder. It was a Saturday and he knew that if he went to the emergency room he would be in pain for a long time sitting in the waiting room. His wife took him to a Lombard Walk-in Medical Clinic instead in order to get the medical attention that he needed.

Immediately, Ron was taken back to the x-ray room where x-rays were taken of his shoulder. While waiting for the results, his scrapes were bandaged up in order to avoid infection. The doctor came back into his room fifteen minutes later with some good news, it wasn’t broken. However, the doctor did suggest a temporary sling to relieve some of the pressure off of the shoulder so that it would heal quickly.

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